Modena, campagna elettorale 2018


The intense heat of Mississippi

Inspired by artists such as W. Eugene Smith, Terrence Malick, William Eggleston, and Willem de Kooning, the photographs in Grant Ellis’s book Bless Your Heart were taken during the summer of 2014, when Ellis returned to the Mississippi Delta where he grew up. He writes, “I would drive for hours in the intense heat, walk around the many towns and countryside, shooting anything that reminded me of what made the Delta amazing. The only rule I made for myself during the creation of this work was to remain in the Delta.”


Bless Your Heart is a collection of photos made in the Mississippi Delta. The images are details of what life is like in this area. The Delta is my home and has always be a very important subject in my work. Bless Your Heart is my most personal body of work, requiring very long days and and months of shooting.